4 Inch .014 Steel Fill 5/8-11 UNC Nut Standard Twist Knot Wire Wheel

Standard Twist Wheels - Provide heavy-duty brushing action with some flexibility; ideal for deburring and demanding cleaning applications on somewhat irregular surfaces.

Knot wire wheels with a threaded nut are intended for use primarily on small and large right angle grinders

Featuring Weiler's individual knot hole construction

  • Item Code: 13106
  • Brand: Weiler
  • Availability:
  • Mfg Part #: MK5113106

Unit Size: 1

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    • Removing powder-coating, epoxy based paints, and rubberized coatings
    •  Weld preparation and cleaning
    •  Cleaning scale and heavy corrosion
    •  Removing heavy burrs from large pieces after cutting

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